Gail Nicholls

Categories: 08 Jun 2015

Gail is the founder of Gail Nicholl’s Fitness and has been in the fitness industry for nearly 2 decades. A level 3 advanced trainer qualified in;

Personal Training
Exercise to music
British Wheel of Yoga Diploma
Shwinn Spinning
Advanced Kick and Boxercise Trainer and many more…

Gail started dancing at the age of 4 so has a great understanding of movement, music and the anatomy. Gail was inspired to peruse a career in fitness back in the days of exercising in her lounge to Jane Fonder videos.
Gail began with an exercise to music qualification and went on to teach many classes in local gyms and fitness centres. Before long Gail was gaining a large client base in which followed her from class to class and many have continued their loyalty for many years to today!

Gail started personal training in 2000 and has maintained a very large client base who she has helped to reach their own specific goals and has loved been part of their achievements. Gail started to run Boot-camps in 2009 – wanting to offer something that would give the luxury of a Personal Trainer but as a group share the cost. Boot-camps have ran and ran successfully to current day and have brought so many friendships amazing success stories and fun and laughter too.

“I particularly love Boot-camps for the atmosphere and genuine support between everyone on camp who share the same health and fitness journey” Gail Nicholls

Along came Zumba Fitness in 2010!! Due to the overwhelming success of this Dance Fitness craze, Gail continues to teach Zumba in large venues across Staffordshire.

Locally Gail Nicholls Fitness now runs a wide range of classes which Gail teaches including her own boxing fitness programme (where Gail is the registered owner Director, Boxerbeat is therefore exclusive to Gail Nicholls Fitness) Boxerbeat, INSANITY -as seen on TV, X-Kor, Zumba, Boot-camp and Personal Training available at Gail Nicholls Fitness Gym.

The success behind Gail Nicholls Fitness is we only have our client’s interests at heart; we want to get the very best out of you. Gail prides herself on keeping up with the latest trends within the industry to ensure you get the best fitness programmes available.