Over 3 stone lost and T2 Diabetes under control! read Tim’s amazing story

Categories: 14 Mar 2017

In 2011 I Was diagnosed as T2D with a weight of 16st1lb, a HbA1c level(blood sugar level) of 46 IFCC standardised, Blood pressure of 140/88 a cholesterol level of 3-7mmol and an LDL level of 2.4mmol

I spent at least 2 years denying I was diabetic and if anything the results got worse or remained unchanged, no surprise really.

I was placed on medication to regulate my blood sugar level, hypertension and cholesterol levels.

My waist size increased to 42”, I could roll faster than I could run!

It was time to take some sort of action, I realised that if I wanted to walk my daughter down the aisle before she walked me I need to do something! I joined various Gymnasiums , attended various exercise classes and other bootcamps, none seeming to have the desired effect nor did I really enjoy them.

Eventually, approx 3 years ago I started attending Gail’s bootcamps these classes were positive, encouraging, enabling and fun, I also began to follow and take note of the dietary advice & food plan Gail offered.

The results began to became apparent after the first month, which with encouragement from Gail, Vaughan and other people attending the classes motivated me to persist and I can now say, my weight is 12st 4lbs, Blood sugar level is 33 , (A normal non diabetic level can vary between 20 -42 though 30 -42 is an accepted “Normal”), Blood pressure 120/70 and Cholesterol of 3.6 with an LDL of 1.6, (“Normal” should be Total Cholesterol less than 5, LDL should be less than 3.). Waist size is now 33”!



At my last medical review the docs were happy for me to stop my medications and monitor my various levels. I believe I am still diabetic with all the cardio vascular risks that brings with it but I am now diet/exercise controlled, and it is that sense of control I find very satisfying. It has had the effect of pushing the diabetes back to pre diabetic levels of blood sugar etc. I must state that there is a genetic predisposition going back a couple of generations in my family, so it is / was not an excessive lifestyle consequence.


Mentally & physically I feel great and the new lifestyle has enabled me to do certain things that I definitely could NOT have done before, namely climb Mount Snowden in good time and complete a cycling sportif in the Peak District. This year I have a couple of ideas for goals /challenges to work towards ie A 10K without walking, a better time in the cycling sportif and maybe , just maybe a triathlon!

Tim Laws