Read Clare’s journey to fitness…

Categories: 04 Nov 2015

I first began my fitness journey shortly after the birth of my second child, one which was literally started as an adult as I was never a particularly sporty child! I had started as a way to lose the post-baby chub and, although that did happen, I was more amazed at how my general health and fitness improved than with just the weight loss.

I not only lost weight but with the help of Gail and Vaughan managed to keep it off and feel better physically and emotionally. Then along came baby number 3 and with her came an extra complication of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. When the time came to lose the post-baby chub yet again I knew there was nowhere else to do it but with Gail Nicholls Fitness.

I started off a little more apprehensive this time as an MS relapse after the birth meant I was having a lot of difficulties with pain in my leg, plus side effects from medication meant I was struggling a lot. But Gail was supportive as ever, offering advice and alternative exercises which I may have found easier to cope with. 2 boot camps later and I am back to pre-pregnancy size and am feeling fit and healthy!

Joining Gail Nicholls Fitness not only helped me to feel good about myself, but has made me feel great after a workout on days when I didn’t want to drag myself out of bed.

Thank you so much to Gail and Vaughan for providing such an encouraging and motivating environment in which everyone on their own fitness journey feels compelled to support each other on theirs 🙂