Vaughan Taylor

Categories: 08 Jun 2015

Vaughan Taylor was inspired to become a fitness instructor through participating in Gail Nicholls fitness classes and Boot-camps over the past 10 years.

He enjoys Gail’s style of training, motivation and immense support and was completely inspired to work in a similar manor.
Gail – herself has been his mentor and has encouraged him to become a fitness instructor to work alongside her at Boot-camp, at the Gym and in the fitness classes.

Vaughan teaches the very popular INSANITY work out which is sweeping the nation and has acquired a good following of fitness enthusiasts and is known for his motivating workouts, fun and uplifting personality!

“My aim is to encourage anyone of any level, age and ability to try classes at Gail Nicholls Fitness as they cater for everyone. We are all here for the exact same reason which is to get fit and healthy. The classes/Boot-camps etc are warm and welcoming and I personally recommend everyone to come and give it a go”