4 week Facebook online fitness group starts on the 1st of every month for 30 LIVE daily Workouts!

Our aim is to support and motivate our fitness community to workout together and to continue to share their experience.

We deliver a great variety of daily workouts during the month that are designed to suit all levels of fitness and will work all over body, not just physically but mentally too!

All of the daily workouts are Live and get saved in the group for 48 hours should you miss a session due to your schedule as we don’t want you to miss one workout !

Our workouts are creative and effective and easy to do in the comfort of your own home and all of the workouts have been adapted to ‘FIT IN MY SPACE’

Our amazing supportive group will keep you motivated to continue on your health and fitness journey…

The classes are personable too as we want you to get the same experience as you always receive at your Gail Nicholls Fitness classes with the added fun factor which always creates the best atmosphere.

Our aim is to keep everyone feeling uplifted, positive and strong so there will be lots of support and guidance to help to keep you on track!

You really won’t want to miss a workout!

There’s no pressure in any of our classes as everyone is treated equally and we always advise to work at your own level and to take the alternatives offered should you need to.

We have seen everyone’s fitness levels soar and there’s been amazing weight & inch loss results too which have certainly been an added bonus!

The beauty of our online workouts is that you can participate from anywhere around the World and if you don’t like working out at a gym or in a class environment then you can workout in the privacy of your own home.

Join us today and be part of our Online health & fitness community at Gail Nicholls Fitness and get ready to get ‘FIT IN MY SPACE’

NB; Face to Face Outdoor Bootcamp classes are now taking place on Saturdays and Sundays mornings and Indoor classes on Tuesday evenings.

Virtual Pay as you go weekly online classes via Zoom; This is an amazing opportunity to workout in a group environment with your fellow fitfam and enjoy 50 mins of fitness as a PAYG option via Zoom.  Thursday Bootcamp HIIT at 6pm